Kane Flat Trailers

Flat Trailers

Kane Trailers offer two ranges of flat trailers based on different weights 10 tonne or the heavy duty range 12-24 tonne. They are each available in different lengths.

Key features

Well Proven Design
Strong Chimes (meaning protection from forklift damage)
Chequered Plate Floor
Tie Down Points
Tool Box

Kane BT10T Trailers

BT 10 Tonne

21-25 ft
Axle choices
Adjustable front headboard and rear rack
Tool box

Kane BT12T Trailers

BT 12- 24 Tonne

22 – 35 ft Tandem or Tri-axle
Available on boggies or springs
Axle choices
Sprung Drawbar
Front headboard
Tool box
Heavy duty chassis


High Speed Spec
Air brakes with load sensing and ABS
Tyre options
Hydraulic catwalk
Box pusher

Kane Flat Trailers