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CatchCrop GreenDrill Amazone Sowing Technology

GreenDrill for CatchCrop Sowing Technology 


GreenDrill for catch crops
To enable the simultaneous sowing of catch crops during soil tillage, and for sowing grass, AMAZONE offers the GreenDrill catch crop seeder box. It can be used in combination with the Catros compact harrow, the Cenius mulch cultivator, the Certos heavy compact disc harrow, the KG rotary cultivator or with the KE rotary harrow. The seed is distributed evenly by the spreader plates.
The GreenDrill seed hopper holds 200 l or alternatively 500 l and is easily accessed via the loading steps provided. Within the metering system located underneath the seed hopper, is a seed shaft that is equipped, depending on the type of seed and the application rate with either fine or normal seed wheels. The drive to the seed shaft is electric and that of the blower fan either electric or hydraulic.
For the control of the seeder, two computer versions are available with differences in the level of  operational comfort. In its basic format, the seed shaft and the blower fan as well as the rotational speed of the seed shaft can be adjusted via the 3.2 in-cab terminal. In the Comfort execution, the 5.2 terminal offers an additional selection menu to assist in the calibration test and to indicate the forward speed, the finished area and the working hours. The seed shaft speed automatically matches to the changing forward speeds if the on-board computer is connected to the 7-pin tractor signal socket.


The GreenDrill seeder unit is Amazone’s new solution for the sowing of catch crops and reseeding grass. The GreenDrill can be mounted onto a variety of Amazone soil tillage implements up to 6 m working width such as the Catros compact disc harrow, the Cenius mulch cultivator and the KG rotary cultivator or KE rotary harrow.

The 200 and 500 litre GreenDrill seed hopper is easily reached via its access steps. The seed shaft, that is located within the metering unit underneath the seed hopper, can be equipped with normal or fine seed metering wheels, depending on the seed type and application rates. After metering, the seed is delivered via hoses to a series of baffle plates where it is applied directly in front of, or behind the roller, of the soil tillage implement.  Drive of both the seed shaft and the blower fan via electric motor or hydraulical.

For controlling the unit, Amazone offers two alternatives with differing levels of operational comfort. The GreenDrill, in its basic version, provides the means for switching on the seed metering, powering the blower fan and setting the speed of the seed shaft. In the comfort version, the in-cab terminal also provides a menu to assist the calibration test and includes a display of the forward speed, the worked area and the operating hours.