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Demo Used Stubble Cultivator

Demo Used Stubble Cultivator

€ 8,900

Make: New Holland

Model: ST C

Color: Blue

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Only ever used as a demonstration machine πŸ”΅

WHY CHOOSE A DISC CULTIVATOR….? Suitable for use across all types of soil, disc cultivators have a number of advantages: β€’ Crop residues. Discs chop and mix crop residues into the topsoil without disturbing soil at lower levels β€’ Root zone moisture retention. By minimising soil disturbance, discing can help conserve moisture by leaving soil under the cultivated surface undisturbed β€’ Seed ready topsoil. Shallow disc cultivated soils are aerated and can provide an ideal seedbed across a wide range of soils β€’ Reduced draft. Disc cultivators have a lower draft requirement, reducing fuel use and enabling more ground to be covered at higher working speeds β€’ Protection of the root zone. A disc cultivator mixes crop residues into a shallower depth of topsoil, leaving soil lower down undisturbed β€’ Working with nature. Shallow disc cultivation aerates the topsoil and incorporates the organic matter that feeds worms and other beneficial soil organisms WHY CHOOSE NEW HOLLAND? Disc cultivators have evolved, with New Holland SDM medium and SDH heavy-duty models meeting the demand for affordable, high performance and versatile cultivators. Designed to operate across a range of soils in hugely variable conditions, the New Holland advantage includes: β€’ Simplified choice.

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