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Fransgard Combi Rake TI-6000

Fransgard Combi Rake TI-6000

€ 12,600

Make: Fransgard

Model: TI-6000

Color: Red

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Machine Description


  • When changing from raking to tedding the rake arms
    are easily removed by pressing the spring loaded
    lever. The arm is simply inserted and clicked into place
    in the tedding position. The machine is tilted forward
    for spreading.
  • On the TI-5000 and TI-6000 models, by simply using
    the gearbox selector, the direction of rotation of the
    left hand rotor can be reversed to allow side raking.
    The cam position and cam following rollers are easily
    changed by hand.
  • The camtrack can be set by hand to three different
    positions to suit crop conditions and working format.
  • On the TI-5000 and TI-6000 the direction of the left
    hand rotor can be reversed to allow side raking. This
    is a real advantage in light crops and in straw – with
    the TI-6000 two individual 3 metre swaths can be
    formed in one run.
  • In working position the pivoting headstock allows the
    machine to trail behind the tractor. The machine automatically returns to the central position when lifted.
    The lower link arms can move up and down resulting in
    better floatation, cleaner working and less wear.
  • A multi – hole matrix on the ground wheels allows the
    working height of each rotor to be finetuned to the
    conditions. An on-board top link spindle allows central
    setting of the rotors. Hydraulic ram as option on the
    TI-6000 & TI-6000S.
  • The required working height is set centrally by an onboard toplink spindle which is standard on all models.
    A hydraulic tilt cylinder is available as an option for
    the TI-6000 / TI-6000S.
  • The working width on the TI-6000/
    TI-6000S is set by a hydraulic ram
    allowing the swath width to altered
    to suit the pick-up width of the
    following machine. TI-4000S and
    TI-5000 are set mechanically.
  • For road transport the rake is swung backwards. The
    rotors, safety guards, and rake arms can be moved to
    their narrowest position to reduce transport width.
  • Special hardened crown wheels and pinions offer
    high reliability with minimal maintenance.
  • The TI-5000 and TI-6000 models are fitted with a
    swath curtain to help form a perfect swath when
    raking to the side. Rubber bushings are fitted to the
    curtain arm to absorb any shocks.

Machine Features

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Fransgard TI-6000 Combi RakeFransgard TI-6000 Combi Rake