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New Holland Disccutter 280 Mower

New Holland Disccutter 280 Mower

€ 10838

Make: New Holland

Model: Duradisc 280

Color: Yellow

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Machine Description

Durable cutterbar technology
The cutterbar is really at the heart of the mower. All models
benefit from the cutterbar’s low profile design, which has a
perfectly smooth underside and a large bearing surface which
guarantees low ground pressure, thereby protecting both
the field and the crop during mowing for quicker regrowth.
Furthermore, the low profile design means that the crop can
be cut to a 40mm stubble height, harvesting more of your crop.
Ease of use
The cutterbar’s twisted blades can be quickly and easily
changed with a dedicated tool. Servicing is easy too, thanks
to ‘on top’ serviceability. The bearing hubs can be easily and
quickly dismounted for rapid servicing access.

A choice of conditioners
Customers can choose from three different conditioner
• PE Finger available on all mowers, except DiscCutter™
C models – these flexible Polyethylene fingers are highly
flexible, light and require minimal maintenance. Ideal for
those producing cattle fodder, if a finger is lost in the crop it
will not harm livestock or a forage harvester
• Steel Flail available on DiscCutter C Models – durable and
strong, the steel flail conditioner is ideal when working in
stony or sandy ground, as it will resist stone shocks and has
been design to withstand extreme wear
• Rubber roller available on DiscCutter C Models – has been
designed with delicate crops in mind, such as alfalfa and
clover. Thanks to the gentle conditioning action, fodder value
is maintained

Machine Features

  • Hydraulic obstacle release
  • Vari-Float suspension system Safe transport
  • Machine Gallery

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