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Samco Field Lift

Samco Field Lift

Make: Samco

Model: Field Lift

Color: Green

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Machine Description

Samco Field Lift Sub Soil The Samco Field-Lift alleviates compacted soil and is the only dual purpose sub soiler on the market. Compacted soil reduces crop yields because of poor soil structure. Waterlogging in the topsoil rots seeds, reduces the soil temperature and excludes air. Compaction can be the cause of a poor response to fertilisers. Roots cannot exploit the soil, plants are starved of the nutrients they need. Plants weakened by water logging, as a result of compaction are less resistant to disease and pest attack and could result in extra sprays needed. Drought can also be an issue; shallow rooting plants cannot obtain sufficient moisture and are quick to wilt. The optimum time to use the Samco Field Lift is after crops are harvested and right before sowing. The Samco field lift (subsoiler) breaks sealed and compacted soil up to 18 inches into the ground. SAMCO FIELD-LIFT Available 2 leg or 3 leg Hydraulic release on legs Legs pivot left and right Accumulators fitted to protect legs Easy replace one piece wearing tip Brass bushings to reduce wear on pins FIELD LIFT: GRASSLAND FORMAT Available in 2 or 3 leg with rear packer roller Fitted with depth gauge Complete with opening discs pivoting left and right HP Required 140 – 160 sub soiling at 10 inches depth FIELD LIFT: ARABLE FORMAT Available in 2, 3 or 4 leg Optional rear tine harrow available Depth wheels are available HP required 170-190 sub soiling at 18 inches.

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