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Gormley Land Rollers

Gormley Land Rollers

End Tow Roller Gormley Land Rollers solves the transportation problem of towing long rollers through narrow lanes. using hydraulic rams push down the 12.5 flotation Tyres to raise the roller of the ground.

Gormley Land Rollers

Trail lead Roller

Gormley’s new Trail Lead Roller gives the opportunity
to increase rolling efficiency by having 2 rollers. 1st is
the standard Trail roller connected to the tractor, then
Trail Lead Roller attached through a specal designed
linkage to a trail roller. A retro fit kit can be supplied
for existing trail rollers.

Garden Rollers

2ft hand operated

Gormley’s Rollers

Sizes from 8′ to 15′
Chose plate thickness to suit your terrain.
Small rollers can be transported using 3 point linkage.
Fast tow option for transporting roller.

Fast Tow Roller Option

hydraulicly activated wheels,
supported on a heavy duty frame
See table below.

Gormley Land Rollers