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Kidd Bale Shredder


  • Round or square bales are distributed with an even flow of material.
  • Loose silage is evenly distributed.
  • Wide body for greater capacity.
  • Will take the largest bales produced, round or square.
  • The 300 bale Shredder is mounted for close manoeuvrability in tight buildings but has all the punch of the trailed 450.
  • Feeding silage over a barrier.
  • Beater fan combination evenly feeds silage.
  • 450 TC will shred straw unchopped for animal bedding or at the touch of switch chop straw short for inclusion into a feed ration or for cubical bedding.
  • 330 mounted for shredding and variable length chopping
  • Beater concave with variable louvres to adjust chop length
  • Beater for shredding or chopping Beater for shredding or chopping
  • The 850 with large capacity will handle baled straw, baled or loose silage.
  • The large capacity 850 has twin beaters and will hold 8.5cum silage, 4 round bales or 2 large square bales.
  • The extending door of the 850 allows easy loading and increases capacity, for 2 x large square bales or 4 x round bales.

Kidd Bale Shredders

Bale Shredders 450 and 850 easily handles straw, haylage, clamp grass and maize silage. It’s compact but with surprising large capacity for 2 round bales up to 6ft diameter. Material can be directed to exactly where it is needed with less waste.

Kidd has launched a new range of Bale Shredders to compliment the 450 & 850 Bale Shredder range. A new smaller and lighter range of Bale Shredders is now available.

The 330 is the only machine on the market that can be factory built for Shredding or Twin Chopping. Can be converted by a distributor. The shorter chop length can be varied in length. On most other machines it cannot.

300TC with tractor
A smaller machine with a big capacity
– The Chopping mechanism on the 330 can be withdrawn for service and inspection. On other machines they cannot
– All chopping blades on the 330 are protected against stones and other objects
– The 330 is the only machine that will shred or twin chop straw and handle green material
– The unique drum concave design throws less stones
– Chopping on the 330 can be done only on the beater against the concave
– The top bank of knives gives a short chop and reduces process time
– The 330 has an all welded body that will withstand vibration and tractor knocks
– The swivel chute on the 330 is lower get under buildings overhangs