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Kidd Farmer Postdriver

Kidd Post Drivers for Farmers

TWY 340 Kidd Farmer Postdriver Range. Manual or hydraulic control or part manual or part hydrualic. Swing to either side of the tractor. Adjustable mast 200KG taper weight. Adjustable post calliper. Hyd top link.

Kidd Farmer Postdriver

  • No need to leave the mast foot on the floor to drive in larger posts. Lift the mast up and use the advantages of the taper weight system.
  • All models will swing round through 180° manual swing round have latched stops along the way.
  • Folds neatly behind the tractor for transport.
  • Fixed and swing round telescopic boom options.
  • Hydraulic adjustment to post calliper.
  • Easy to use manually adjusted to any size of post clamp calliper.
  • Part swing round for better sight line from tractor seat.