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Kidd Hedgecutter

Kidd Hedgecutter

Our hedge cutters have been designed with good parallel geometry to avoid obstructions and ensure good control of the cutterhead at all times. Power slew to get into those tight corners.

  • Telescopic Booms (6.4m or 7m reach) with parallel boom geometry, long reach or close quarter work the operator can put the head
  • in just the right place.
  • 6m is the longest reach before telescopic options.
  • All the geometry, reach and cutting ability of a professional machine at a farmer and small contractor price.
  • 30 Compact can easily be parked on stable legs, good quality pumps, motors & valves maintain performance over a period of years all hydraulic pipes fully protected. Back to back or Cast boot flails, folds tidily behind the tractor for transport. Cutting width .85m.
  • Cable control or joystick with oil servo electric or all electric proportional control.
  • Infinitely variable forward cutterhead position. From in line to mid-cut.
  • 95° power slew for transport with safety break back and break forward
  • 5.30M to 7.07M reach options to reach all those difficult places.