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Kidd Professional Postdriver

Kidd Post Drivers for Professionals

High Lift Kidd Professional Postdriver for mounting to loaders, diggers, large and small tractors. All hydraulic slew, telescopic, mast rake and tilt angle.

Kidd Professional Postdriver

  • All hydraulic Rock Spike Drives down 1.20m (4ft).
  • Will fit diggers of 3 ton plus and tractor front end loaders.
  • 3.50M mast standard.
  • Drives posts into the ground from 30 degrees angle.
  • The higher the drop the greater the impact.
  • The tapered weight system knocks post in faster and straighter!!
  • The centre of gravity of the tapered weight is 70mm (2.1in) from the mast, any post greater than this sees all the weight. This eliminates bounce and vibration.
  • Goes down to 4ft