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Kidd Toppers

Kidd Farm Toppers

Kidd Toppers inline with offset or fully offset. Standard features include twin timed gearbox drive with reliable Comer gearboxes, free swinging blades reduce shock loads on gearbox preventing expensive failures.

Kidd Toppers

  • Single rotor with offset linkage.
  • All Kidd Topper have direct gearbox drive
  • All blade carriers are through hardened and blades have a hard exterior with a ductile centre to withstand impact.
  • Parabolic skid, slides over fields, without digging in and scuffing the surface. Particularly useful when turning.
  • Unique three point linkage hitch system allows the Topper to slide easily over the field surface.
  • Drive line protected by shock absorbing couplings The 240s is fully offset with 2.40M cut. The 240s is fully offset with 2.40M cut.
  • The 240S will break back if an obstacle is encountered and travels within the width of the tractor for transport