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Krone Disc Mower Rear Mounted

Rear Mounted Disc Mower AM-S, AM-CV

High-comfort and high-efficiency Krone Disc Mower Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle Driveshaft powered gears for ultimate efficiency Massive spur gears for quiet running and longevity Robust and fully welded cutterbar Quick-fit blades for quick and easy change .Pivoting V-shaped steel tines for optimum conditioning.

Krone Disc Mower Rear Activemow

Rear Mounted Disc Mowers ActiveMow

The ultimate mowing experience

Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle
Optimum ground pressure from responsive tension springs
Easy ground pressure adjustment on pins and without tools
Efficient driveshaft based driveline
Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
Quick-change blades SafeCut INSIDE – individual disc protection
SmartCut – optimum orbital overlaps for stripeless cuts
Upright and mid-mount transport position for compact travel, a balanced weight distribution and clear view to the rear
Optional stands for upright storage and minimum space requirement

Krone Disc Mower Easy Cut Front

Front Mounted EasyCut F

EasyCut F 280, 320, 360

Powered top hats

Powered top hats windrow the material for the tractor to straddle it
Uniform windrow presentation
A continuous and consistent crop flow

A perfect system: EasyCut F 280 and F 320 are mowers that adapt to any type of ground contours – in and across the direction of travel. The pushed design allows for plenty of up and down travel – the ideal design for rough terrain. In addition, the compact build offers an excellent overview in the field and an excellent transport stability for safe travel on public roads. As it mounts close to the tractor, the linkage travels through a smaller angle and less strain is put on the driveshaft.

Quality forage stems from quality cuts: The front-mounted KRONE mowers stand out for easy handling, a straightforward design and superior functionality. The pushed version is compact in size and low in weight. Suspended by a pivoting headstock in its centre of gravity and close to the tractor’s front wheels, the unit benefits from very little travel for perfect cuts, uncontaminated forage and fast re-growth.

The secret behind perfect windrowing: The KRONE EasyCut F 280, F 320 and F 360 stand out for their massive top hats which mount behind the discs on either end of the cutterbar. Driven from within the cutterbar, they provide a consistent flow of crop to the centre of the machine so that the tractor wheels will not run on the fluffy swath and the harvester will pick up the material without losses.

EasyCut F 280M, 320M, 360M

Climbing high

Ideally suited for compact tractors and work in mountain regions
Low dead weight, little weight on the front axle
Compact build, excellent handling
Pivoting centre-of-gravity suspension system

Sleek engineering unveiled: The uncluttered and rugged design of the EasyCut F M front mowers becomes clear when you remove the curtains. Light in weight (500 kg +), these machines perform effectively in any terrain. No spools required. Attachment and removal is quick and easy. The cutterbar is suspended right behind the outer hats – an ideal design that ensures a uniform crop flow. And of course, the cutterbar is fully welded and wedge-shaped, has SafeCut protection and quick-change blades.

Proven in the field: Mountain farming is a particular challenge to man and machine. The front-mounted 2.73 m (8’11″) EasyCut F 280 M, the 3.16 m (10’4″) F 320 M, and the 3.60 m (11’9″) F 360 M disc mowers are the ideal machines to take on the challenge, boasting a compact design, a centre of gravity close to the tractor, perfect cuts on steep slopes and good attachment options to light-weight and very compact mountain tractors. The EasyCut 360 M model is the ideal machine for huge track widths and offers generous overlap in combination with rear mowers.

Perfect ground hugging: The pushing suspension design provides a generous vertical travel and combines with long skids and an optional telescoping top link to provide optimum ground hugging in every way. Mounted extremely close to the tractor, the mower travels very little when gliding over undulations. The design reduces wear on the driveshaft and enhances operator overview.

EasyCut 28 CV

Cutting and conditioning in one pass, the KRONE front-mounted mowers with CV steel tine conditioner are the specialist machines for harvesting farm-grown forage at a professional level.
V-type pivoting steel tines and a steplessly adjustable baffle plate provide uniform crop treatment, reduce machine wear and optimise adaptation to crop conditions.

Full-width conditioning: Specified with V-type steel tines and baffle plate, the conditioner spans the entire work width. The goal is a uniform crop flow across the entire work width and optimum conditioning results. Additional guide plates are fitted for wide spreading and faster conditioning. The integrated mechanical gearbox offers two CV rotor speeds (600 rpm and 900 rpm).
The headstock with integral coil provides the suspension the mower requires to follow all ground contours and produce a uniform cut while protecting the crop from contamination. The kinematics between coil spring and swing maintains a consistent ground pressure even when operating in undulating terrain.

Optional guide plates offer very precise adjustment and positioning for wide spreading and even faster conditioning.
The perfect match: KRONE offers adapters to fit into rigid lower link arms and a telescoping top link extension, which enable transverse ground tracking.

EasyCut F 320 CV, CR, F 360 CV, CR

Extra wide models with tine or roller conditioners

3.60 m (11’10”) work width, 3.45 m (11’4″) transport width
Choose between aggressive steel tines or chevron-profiled rollers for intensive treatment
Pushed or pulled design

Pulled or pushed: The KRONE EasyCut F 360 CV and CR front mowers can have a pushed or pulled cutterbar. Working at a width of 3.60 m (11’9″), the machine suits wide tractors with oversize tyres. More generous overlaps within the combination result in clean cuts on slopes and in curves and make for larger work widths in general.

Floating: Adjustable springs optimize the ground pressure and allow the machine to float. A telescoping top link is available to deliver perfect cuts in undulating terrain.

EasyCut F 320 CF, F 320 CR

Front-mounted mowers with tine/roller conditioners

Work width: 3.16 m (10’4″)
Push or pull
Variable conditioning intensity from a 600 / 900 rpm gearbox and an adjustable baffle plate (CV)

Cutting and conditioning in one pass: The front mowers F 320 CV with tine conditioner and F 320 CR with roller conditioner are specialists that warrant high-quality forage. Featuring either a large 64 cm (2’1″) diameter tined rotor or two 25 cm (10″) conditioning rollers, these mowers are the pros that deliver high-quality forage and best conditioning even in high-yielding crops.

The pushed design: Doing without the former A-frame provides plenty of space to fit massive coil springs that pull the machine towards the tractor providing the best possible suspension. The pushed design makes for a very compact machine, reduces weight and is gentler on the turf. The transverse pivoting action is provided by the tractor’s link arms. The EC F 320 CV is also offered as a floating version

The pulled design The pulled version has the suspension springs integrated in the machine’s suspension system. The tension of the two springs is controlled from one single crank.

Krone Disc Mower Easy Cut R Rear Mounted

EasyCut R Rear Mounted

EasyCut R 280, R 320

Unqualified cuts

Manual or hydraulic ground pressure control
Low-maintenance and frictional driveline without belts
KRONE SafeCut cutterbar protection is a standard feature
Cantilever guards ensure smooth crop flows

Unique functionality and easiest handling: At home and abroad, KRONE disc mowers perform successfully in many different countries and conditions, where developers gain new insights and in-field experiences implementing these into the development of EasyCut. For example, the EasyCut R models can be stored in vertical position to save space in the machine shed. This is just one of many practical details on the KRONE disc mowers that save time and hassle.

A unique KRONE design: The vertical storage position saves space in the machine shed. The optional stands give the machine good footing and are useful for attachment and removal. But of course EasyCut R 280 and EasyCut R 320 also store in horizontal position.

EasyCut R 360, R 400

Technology that fits your needs

3.60 m or 4.04 m (10’4″ or 13’3″) working width
Double windrowing or spreading
Hydraulic suspension control as an option
Excellent value for money

The competitive mower: The highcapacity EasyCut R 360 and R 400 mowers are mounted machines that score on enormous work rates and productivity, performing equally well in forage harvesting and field extensification.

EasyCut R 360 in road transport: The EasyCut R 360 model swings up and beyond TDC behind and very close to the tractor improving ride comfort especially on small tractors.

EasyCut R 280 CV, 320 CV

Conditioning with steel tines

Easy and quick operation
Optional wide spreading crop deflectors
Infinitely variable windrow width
Mechanical gearbox, variable intensity conditioning

Full-width treatment: The tine conditioners on each mower span across the work width from the left to the right top hat, providing a uniform and consistent crop flow across the full width and giving optimum conditioning.

Powerful and intensive conditioning: The KRONE CV rotor with V-shaped and grippy steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. Its massive 64 cm (2’1″) diameter and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop flow, high throughputs and superior conditioning.

Firm grip on the crop: Made from hardened steel and mounted at a steep angle, the V-shape steel tines give intensive treatment and powerful action. The tines pivot to break back when they hit an object whereas their restricted forward angle increases the pivot pin’s longevity.

Adjustable baffle plate The lever notches the plate/tine clearance to the required setting. As you reduce the gap you increase the intensity of conditioning.

Mechanical gearbox: Select 900 rpm for intensive treatment and 600 rpm for less intensive conditioning. Setting the speed is easy from the gearshift lever.

Minimum space: Stands are available as an option to store the machine either in work or transport position – saving space in the machine shed.

Thorough protection: The folding side and front guards are lined by rubber strips that protect them from damage when colliding with obstacles.

EasyCut R 280 CR, R 320 CR

Conditioning with rollers

Continuous crop flow from 25 cm (10″) diameters
Hight throughputs from powered processor rollers
Top-notch conditioning effect from meshing surfaces
Great longevity from polyurethane coating

Roller conditioner for leafy crops: Leafy crops like Lucerne or clovers require a different type of conditioning than crops that are predominantly grass. The CR roller conditioner gives particularly gentle treatment, leaving intact the delicate leaves which are so rich in protein and safeguarding the value of farm-grown feeds. Spreading the crop will speed up wilting.

Firm grip on the crop: The interlocking surfaces of the rollers give intensive but gentle conditioning whilst avoiding losses.

Minimum space: Stands are available as an option to store the machine either in work or transport position – saving space in the machine shed.

Thorough protection: The folding side and front guards are lined by rubber strips that protect them from damage when colliding with obstacles.

Krone Disc Mower Trailed EasyCut

Trailed Disc Mowers EasyCut

EasyCut 2801 CV, 2800 CRi, 3200 CV, 3201 CV, 3200 CRi, 3600 CV

With side-mounted drawbar and conditioner

Compact design
Extremely agile, tighter than 90° angles
Turns on the spot – ideal for round and round work
EasyCut DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
EasyCut 3600 CV – approx. 3.40 m (11’2″) transport width

Mowing round and round without stopping: The trailed EasyCut mower with sidemounted drawbar cuts around every corner and turns on the spot, thanks to the pivoting gearbox and the short drawbar. No need to reverse in corners.
EasyCut 2801 CV, 3201 CV, 3600 CV, 2800 CRi, 3200 CV, 3200 CRi: The trailed and powerful EasyCut disc mowers with side-mounted drawbar have proven extraordinarily well all over the world. Compact by design, these machines feature a robust double frame and a side-mounted drawbar for mowing round and round.

Capacity to the max: The trailed EasyCut disc mower with side-mounted drawbar and swivel gearbox gives you the fl exibility of mowing round and round without lifting the machine out of work, without reversing and without ever stopping. The short drawbar makes for a compact combination that gives excellent rides and caster.

Convenient and fast: Move the mower hydraulically into work or transport position from the comfort of your seat. The swivel ram mounts in a number of different positions, which enable the operator to utilize the full track width of the pulling tractor.

Plenty of ground clearance: Single-acting rams raise the double frame and the mower for road transport and also to cross a swath. A tap locks the rams during road transport.

Swift 40 km/h road transport: Not exceeding the statutory 3 m transport width, EasyCut 2800 CV/CRi, 3200 CV/ CRi and 3201 CV do not require special permission to travel on public roads.

EasyCut 3210 CV, 3210 CRi, 4013 CV

Featuring mid-mounted drawbar and conditioner

Cutting to the left and right
Ideal for up and down operation in any direction
Enormous agility thanks to swivel gearbox
DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
EasyCut 4013 CV 3.86 m (12’8″) transport width

EasyCut 3210 CV, 3210 CRi, 4013 CV: Ideal for up and down operation, these high-capacity trailed disc mowers from KRONE with mid-mounted drawbar cut at widths of 3.14 m (10’4″) and 4 m (13’2″). Both units feature a standard conditioner. All central drawbar versions feature the full-width CV and CRi conditioners as standard.

Up and down operation: The mid-mounted pivoting drawbar allows matching up in either direction, a method that produces forage of a consistently high quality and dry matter contents. There is no need of harvesting in beds and you always exploit the full work width when using a front mower. As another advantage animals are not trapped in the field but are driven out to the side.

Changing sides: The double-acting ram swings the mower over to the other side in up and down operation and swings it centrally behind the tractor into transport position.

40 km/h roads travel: Measuring a maximum transport width of 3.00 m (9’10”), EasyCut 3210 CV and 3210 CRi are approved for travel on public roads.

EasyCut 6210 CV

Featuring mid-mounted drawbar and conditioner

The middle drawbar swings the mower to either side
Pivoting gearbox provides a huge swivel range
Two cutterbars for superior contouring
Selectable CV steel tine conditioner 600/900 rpm
Adjustable wide-distributing hood

EasyCut 6210 CV – one machine, two conditioners: A 6.20 m (20’4″) working width and a central drawbar make EasyCut 6210 CV one of the most effective trailed mowers on the market. These machines stand out for superior effi ciency, maximum stability as well as an advanced level of specifi cation and operator comfort. The CV high-capacity conditioner produces best quality forage.

Take your pick:

EasyCut 6210 CV cuts to the right or left of the tractor. The changeover is straightforward indeed. Simply swing the drawbar to the other side as you do the headland turn and match up with the previous pass without mowing in beds. The tractor is not running in standing crop so that clean and loss-free cuts are guaranteed. This way you always use the machine to potential and, in combination with a front-mounted mower, at full width capacity. In sloping fields, it allows the tractor to run always on the hillside.

Enthused by perfection:

EasyCut 6210 CV, the disc mower that delivers technology, functionality, smooth handling and ultimate convenience. This is the machine for high-power standard tractors, which has starred in contracting applications. Featuring a robust double frame, powerful conditioners, and wide tyres, this is the equipment that delivers – no matter how demanding the conditions.

Time is money:

Although high work rates are the priority for contractors, travel time is another important cost factor. EasyCut 6210 CV is a swift road machine that travels at 40 km/h (25 mph). The robust running gear with air brake system and the large-diameter wheels translate into excellent road safety and operator comfort. The large warning panels and road lights provide safety at dawn and at night.

Turn on the spot:

The swivel-head gearbox (1,000 rpm) on the two-point headstock provides the flexibility to turn through 90° and larger angles while the main driveshaft does not move, allowing drive power to flow vibration-free to the cutterbar.

Wide work widths or narrow transport widths: It takes just a few seconds to swing the machine from work into transport position and vice versa. There is no need to leave the tractor. It does not take a sophisticated system to control the semi-mounted chassis and its hydraulic ram. A 2.99 m (9’10”) transport width and 15.0/55-17 tyres ensure this high-capacity mower provides superior rides without requiring special permission for public roads.

Krone Disc Mower EasyCut B

EasyCut B

Boosting your productivity

EasyCut B 750, B 890, B 970 without conditioner
EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioner
EasyCut B 870 CV Collect and 870 CR Collect, B 1000 CV Collect and B 1000 CR Collect with cross conveyor belts
Robust, yet lightweight design
Quick-change blades
SafeCut INSIDE: Individually protected discs
SmartCut for stripeless cuts
Combi Float: Uniform pressure across the full work width (Agritechnica Silver Medal)
Impact damage protection
Telescoping mower arms
Large work width, low transport height
Maximum operator comfort

EasyCut B 870 CV, B 870 CR

More than just a mower

8.70 m (28’7″) work width
EasyCut B 870 CV with steel tine conditioner
EasyCut B 870 CV with roller conditioner
Balancer arm for uniform ground pressure on either side
Impact damage protection

A KRONE exclusive! The patented balancer arm allows adjusting the spring tension on both rear mowers to maintain a consistent ground pressure, warranting highest quality cuts, clean forage, light pulling and effective protection of the valuable sward.

One combination – up to every challenge: KRONE‘s mower combinations with CV and CR conditioners are becoming more and more popular. The advantage of EasyCut B 870 CV and CR is they not only utilize your tractor power but also save time and money. Every EasyCut B 870 complete with conditioners and extra wide cross conveyor belts impresses by its incredible versatility and effi ciency – cutting, conditioning, spreading or swathing the crop in one single operation.


EasyCut B 1000 CV, B 1000 CR

Redefining acreage

Up to 10.10 m (33’2″) work width
EasyCut B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
EasyCut B 1000 CR with grippy roller conditioner
Hydraulic balance control maintaining the ground pressure
Impact damage protection