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Krone Rotary Tedder KW Tedder

KW Rotary Tedder

Three-point mounted models with 4 and 6 rotors

KW 4.62, KW 5.52, KW 6.02, KW 6.72 and KW 7.82

– working at 4.60 m to 7.80 m (15’1″ to 25’7″) widths with rotors in various diameters
Central border spreading facility manual or hydraulic control (option)
Convenient operation via a single-acting spool
Three-point mounted models With 8 and 10 rotors

KW 7.92, KW 8.82, KW 10.02, KW 11.22

– working at widths of 7.90 -11.00 m (25’11” – 36’1″)
Small diameter rotors are uniformly spaced for a uniform wilt
Damper braces with Eladur spring elements enhance smooth rides
Fold-in end rotors reduce transport height
Powerful rotors turning crops into high-quality forage

Complete range of mounted and trailed models
Maintenance-free driveline with 8-finger OctoLink clutch
Maintenance-free, liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes
Hardwearing Super-C tines
Central border spreading control
Maximum operator comfort
Robust box sections

Krone Rotary Tedder KWT Tedder

KWT Rotary Tedder

Models with transport running gear 6 to 10 rotors

KWT 7.82 / KWT 8.82 / KWT 10.02 / KWT 11.22
7.80 m -11.00 m (25’7″- 36’1″) work widths
Sequence control for maximum operator comfort
40 km/h (25 mph), wide transport running gear, large wheels
Pivoting running gear enhances weight distribution

KWT 1600, KWT 2000

These machines work at widths of staggering 16 / 20 metres (52’6″ / 65’7″) – in every single pass
Excellent spread pattern from small-diameter rotors
Heavy-duty beams
Maintenance-free OctoLink clutches on the rotors
Intelligent steering, no damage to the sward

Krone Rotary Tedder KW-T Tedder

KW-T Rotary Tedder

Trailed models with 4 and 6 rotors

KW 5.52 T, KW 7.82 T

5.50 m-7.80 m (18’1″ – 25’7″) work widths
Minimum input requirement
No load is taken off the tractor’s front axle
Easy tractor attachment/removal
Hydraulic pivoting drawbar moves conveniently into transport position

Trailed models 12 to 14 rotors

KW 13.02 T / KW 15.02 T

Wide 13.10 m-15.25 m (43′-50′) working widths
Uniform spread, small diameter rotors
Quiet castering with damper braces
Maintenance-free OctoLink finger clutches
Maintenance-free, liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes