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New Holland BR6090 Combi


The New Holland BR6090 Combi reduces tractor, machine and manpower effort by combining baling and wrapping into one field process. Wrapping and unloading take place while the next bale is made. Integrated electronics and hydraulics automatically move and wrap the bale with a minimum of operator input. Compared to round baling only, the combined operation only needs a few seconds more per bale. This is the time needed to transfer the bale to the wrapper.


Wrapping bales as they leave the baler eliminates exposure in the field and loss of quality due to weather conditions. Also, there is no chance for soil contamination. Should one of the plastic film rolls run out, it is possible to finish the bale wrapping cycle with one roll. In this case, the conveyor chain speed for the bale rotation is adapted to the single film application.


The BR6090 Combi is designed with hillside operation in mind. A transfer fork fully cradles the ejected bale while it is moved to the wrapping table and a pair of hinged guides prevent it from sliding sideways. Several unique design features that retain full control of the bale during transfer and wrapping allow the Combi to work on slopes up to 15%. A quarter turn bale chute can be specified for those customers wishing to handle and store bales on their ends. This system also has the advantage that the bales are more stable and less likely to roll away when operating in very hilly conditions.


The New Holland BR6090 Combi is designed and built to operate in rough conditions. A unique “off centre pivot” design tandem axle gives a low centre of gravity and exceptional stability. The round baler wrapper combination remains well balanced during bale transfer, wrapping and unloading, even with a full bale in the balechamber. With an overall width of only 2.75m and a length of 6.20m, the New Holland BR6090 Combi can enter narrow gateways and is easily reversed into confined spaces.


The range of baler functions and the various steps in the wrapping process on the BR6090 Combi, are all controlled from one single monitor. It constantly informs the operator about the bale chamber filling left/right, gives the near full bale warning and information regarding bale counts etc. It also controls and provides information about the progress of the bale transfer to the wrapper, the wrapping itself and ejection.