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Passive Soil Rollers Amazone SW

SW Cage Roller

The solid cage roller ensures the depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation.

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone PW

PW Tooth Packer Roller

The PW tooth packer roller is designed for a recompaction area covering over the entire surface. The deeply positioned, wear resistant scrapers ensure a blockage free operation even on very wet soils and if much straw is prevailing. As standard the scrapers are armoured by hard metal coating to triple the service life of usual scrapers.

Passive Soil Roller Amazone KW

KW Wedge Ring Roller

The KW wedge ring roller leaves behind optimally reconsolidated strips into which the seed is then sown. 1/3 of the soil is reconsolidated in strips whereas 2/3 of the surface remain unrolled to evenly cover the seed with loose soil. Due to the highly reconsolidated strips the seedling is well provided with capillary water even at drought.
Heavy rain falls will then be taken up by the unrolled loose zones. The smooth running of the following coulter in the pre-rolled furrow results in an very even placement depth. This roller operates blockage free in wet conditions and yet intensively in dry conditions.

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone KWM

Wedge Ring Roller with Matrix Type Profile

The Matrix tyre profile wedge ring roller, with its bigger diameter of 650 mm, provides a targeted reconsolidation in strips but, due to its Matrix profile, offers an improved self-drive effect.

The larger diameter also results in a better carrying ability.
The taller rings of the Matrix tyre profile mean good soil passage, especially in lighter soils.
The Matrix profile has an improved self-drive effect and an improved crumbling, even under moist conditions.
Bolted scrapers keep the roller clean, again also under moist conditions.
A rear harrow is available as optional equipment.

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone TW

TW Tandem Rolller

The tandem roller (520/380 mm diameter) is often utilised for seedbed preparation as it provides a perfect crumbling effect.
Low own weight
Pendulum suspension for optimum ground contour following
For light to medium heavy soils
The ideal roller for seedbed preparation

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone UW

U-Profile Roller

The U-profile roller (580 mm diameter) is leighter than the Double-U profile roller and is the weight saving alternative for the combination with mounted implements.

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone DUW

DUW Double-U Profile Roller

The Double-U Profile roller (580 mm Diameter) is available for passive soil tillage equipment. Due to the modular design the Double-U profile roller shows its strength especially on very light sites, as it provides there a very high carrying capacity.
Open U-profile with large contact surface for a high carrying ability.
During operation the open U-Profile is filled with soil, resulting in a minimum material wear.
Modular design for a good passage and an improved levelling effect.
Due to the distribution of the U profile rings across two rollers provides an intensive reconsolidation.
Following harrows are available as optional equipment.

Passive Soil Rollers Amazone WW

WW Angle Profile Roller

The knife ring rollers consist of a galvanised central roller drum and a knife rail with associated mounting parts. They are ideal for operation on heavy and clayey soils where the knife rings provide an intensive clod cutting effect and a smooth travel. On the other hand, they are also suited to very light soils where normally the soil would bulldoze in front of an enclosed cylinder resulting in it blocking.
The application range for the angle profile roller (580 mm diameter) is primarily on medium to heavy soils with no stones prevailing, where it targeted cuts the clods.

Strip-wise reconsolidation that is effective at depth,
Adjustable knife rail for cutting clods,
Weld-on cross lugs provide a good self-drive effect,
The wearing parts of the knives can be quickly exchanged.

DW Disc Roller

The DW disc roller has been designed in particular for operation on heavy, moist soils. The basic design of this roller consists of enclosed welded steel dishes with serrated outer rims mounted in pairs. These dishes, which have a diameter of 600 mm, are fitted on a shaft at a spacing of 12.5 cm. To prevent the roller from becoming blocked in sticky soil conditions it is equipped with individually mounted, adjustable scrapers. Also, the dishes are low wearing and can be exchanged without any problem if necessary.

Thanks to its high weight of 220 kg/m working width and the narrow ribs, the Disc roller creates both a very good and deep reconsolidation on heavy soils as well as leaving a good crumbling effect. Any clods of soil are cut and stones are pressed into the soil. In this way, the roller leaves a rough soil surface and thus reduces any vulnerability to capping and provides a good exchange of air and water within the worked soils.
The new roller can be attached to all passive soil tillage implements from Amazone. For a flexible response to other soil conditions it can be exchanged without any problem by one of the nine other roller options from the Amazone range. So, for instance, the KW wedge ring roller is available for operation on medium and changeable soils or the DUW double U-profile roller for use on sandy soils