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APV PS 500 M2

PS 500 M2 D

Our pneumatic seeders are also available in a special edition for distributing fertiliser. Due to the corrosion-resistant fabrication, you can benefit from the advantages and the easy handling of our pneumatic seeders when distributing fertiliser.

  • Sealed bearing flange (cover plate for sowing shaft)
  • Sowing shaft cover with polyurethane (airtight and corrosion-resistant)



  • Distribution of fertiliser
  • Distribution of grass seeds, clover and similar granulates
  • Dispersal of intercrops, over-sowing, or re-sowing
  • With larger spreading areas the use of a hydraulic fan or spigot shaft-mounted fan is recommended


  • Complete corrosion-resistant seeder with hoses (25 m)
  • Metering roller for fine seed (fine seeds, micro-granules, etc.)
  • Metering roller Flex20 for coarse seed (fertiliser, crop, etc.)
  • Stainless steel agitator
  • All required cables: 1,5 m cable to supply power from the 3-pin connector to the control unit, 6 m cable from the control unit to the spreading unit
  • Corrosion-resistant calibration slide, calibration bag, scale for seed
  • Counter plate (galvanised)
  • 8 stainless steel dispersion plates & 4 pcs. galvanised hexagonal bars (for the mounting of the dispersion plates)
  • Fill level sensor (works only with control box 5.2)
  • If equipped with hydraulic fan:
    1 single acting valve (coupling size 3) + 1 pressure-less return (coupling size 4) necessary; max. required pressure: 180 bar, max. required oil amount: 38 l/min


Thanks to its electrically driven sowing shaft, which continuously regulates the seed flow, it is possible to apply exactly the quantity required of any seed und to adjust this while driving.

The electric control module allows the sowing process to be
convenintly monitored and controlled from the driver‘s seat.


  • Working width: 1 – 6 m with double electric fan, 8 outlets
    1 – 7 m with hydraulic fan, 8 outlets
    1 – 12 m with hydraulic fan, 16 outlets (optional)
    (8 outlets with 8 Y-dividers or doubling pieces accessories available)
  • Dimensions: H 125 cm, W 80 cm, D 125 cm
  • Seed-tank: Plastic tank with 500 l capacity
  • Net weight: 93 kg / 116 kg
  • Power data: 12 V / 25 A


  • Cable extension PS MX 5 m
  • Mounting kit PS 120-500 3-point
  • Set of adapter cables for tractors 8 m
  • Calibration button *
  • Conversion kit pressure monitor
  • only with control box 5.2


  • All powder-coated parts (except for hydraulic fan) with cataphoretic painting (automotive standard)
  • Standardised parts (bolts, washers, nuts, etc.), mixer, sweeper adjustment are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Sowing shaft cover with polyurethane (airtight and corrosion-resistant)
  • Sealed outlets to the hoses
  • Sealed bearing flange (cover plate for sowing shaft)
  • Sowing shaft sealed on side of motor
  • Terminal strip for easy cabling (motors, sensors, etc.)
  • Sealed container lid
  • Coated aluminum sowing shaft
  • Option for spreading fertiliser, micro-granules, pesticides and intercrops


  • Sowing machine
  • Soil tilling implements like disc harrow, cultivator, …
  • Rotary hoe
  • Tined weeder