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Quicke Q-series shows how clever engineering makes all the difference. Outstanding visibility, optimized work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes are just start. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader.
Quicke Q Series Front Loader

Cast And Forged Parts

The Q-series has forged rear arm parts and cast knee and front parts.  Giving it superior strength and durability.  It enables you to lift more – and save time.

Strong And Smart Structure With Unique Shape

The loader arm on the Q-series has a unique shape that allows for unique strength in combination with excellent visibility.

The Innovation

The new Quicke Q-series is engineered for modern farming. Through innovative, forward-thinking design, we’ve developed smart solutions that put you one step ahead. We’ve built a loader for today that is ready for tomorrow. You expect your TV, your phone, and your car to be smart – why expect less from your front loader?

Every detail of the Q-series is the result of seven decades of experience, our obsession with detail, and a commitment to build the equipment you need to shape the future of farming. Q-series front loaders will improve every aspect of your work, and help you finish every work day with the rewarding feeling of getting things done.

Built tough for your peace of mind

Strength, versatility, superior quality, and attention to detail. These are the hallmarks of the Q-series. This is the front loader that will endure any challenge you throw at it. With ingenious design and precise engineering, we have increased its life span immensely, compared to both its predecessors or to any competitor. Farming is the toughest work there is, but Q-series front loaders are in it for the long run.

Quicke Loader Peace Of Mind

Forged from experience

With cast and forged components in the rear arms, knees, and front parts, the Q-series has superior strength and durability. And the unique twin U-beam structure not only gives outstanding strength, it also allows for exceptionally high-visibility operation.

Quicke Loader Experience

Brain beats muscle

The unrivalled arm strength and stability of the Q-series means you get the confidence of a tough, durable loader that will see you through many seasons of hard work. And if we left it there, that would make it one of the best pieces of equipment on the market. But that’s not good enough for us.

So we also set out to make our loaders strong and smart. With Q-companion, the Q-series offers simply the best, most capable, most efficient tools on the market. They get the work done. Fast. Precise. Reliable. And super efficient. These are loaders for the farmers of today, and tomorrow.

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