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Rossmore 2600GL Vacuum Tankers

Through quality design and precision manufacturing, Rossmore tankers are setting the market standard. All our recessed tanks are made from high quality 6mm steel. They are rolled and precisely fitted with anti-implosion rings. All recessed models contain baffle plates to prevent splashing of liquid during transport and spreading, ensuring the operator with an optimum and safe experience. Every tank is designed with a hinged opening back door and is hot dipped in superior galvanise for a high quality, long lasting finish. Our recessed tank range are precisely balanced and fitted with large 28.1 R26 or 30.5 R32 wheels to allow for ease of towing.

2600 GL Tanker Features
• Sprung drawbar
• Hydraulic brakes
• LED rear and side marker lights
• Superior quality galvanising
• Baffle plates
• Anti-implosion ring
• Large opening back door
• Two syphon units
• Two inspection glass points
• Two filling units (with extra fill points)
• Injection system brackets
• Swivel Hitch

Optional Extras
Extra filling units, Hydraulic Control for Pump, Galvanized drawbar, Galvanized Mudguards & Accessories, Beacon unit & Rear work lamps, Anti – Contamination Spindle and Spacer