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Rossmore Bale Grab

Rossmore Bale Grab

Strong and robust in the design, the Rossmore Hydraulic Bale Grab gently handles round bales without damaging them by use of two carefully designed soft hands. The hands are controlled hydraulically using a double acting ram allowing the handler to collect and grip each bale securely. Each hydraulic ram is fitted with a safety drop valve to prevent the hands opening and dropping the bale.

Each hand can be independently locked, allowing the opposite to move freely. This feature is ideal when stacking in sheds and other confined areas. Each pivot point contains grease points to allow for smooth operation and to prevent wear on the machine.The Bale Grab can be used to handle both wrapped and unwrapped bales safely without damaging the wrapping.

The Bale Grab can be used to handle bales that have been tipped on their ends or collect bales left by the wrapper or baler and turned safely through 90 degrees.