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Rossmore Conditioner

The Rossmore Conditioner 2500 gently turns, lifts and aerates the silage swaths thus by improving the quality of the grass, hay and straw while producing a light, fluffy swath.

The conditioner has a working width of 2.5m wide, requiring 50HP to drive. The headstock can be locked in various positions or left free-turning.

The rotor has a direct chain driven mechanism, containing a self-lubricating system that insures constant lubrication. The use of a heavy duty chain also eliminates the need for belt replacement or belt slippage. The rear gates are easily adjusted to change the width and/or direction of the swath.

A deflector board is used to divide the swath out the full width of the machine to allow for a quicker more even drying. The rotor, containing 48 heavy duty tines, is designed to lift the swath without touching the ground avoiding soil and stone contamination.

The wheels are free turning and allow excellent maneuverability and tight turning circles. (Tyre size 18x9x50)

2.5m Pick up, Requires only 50hp, Heavy duty chain, Self-lubricating system, Adjustable headstock, Easily adjusted gates, Deflector board, Heavy duty tines, Free turning wheels.