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Pump Agitator High Output

Rossmore Pump Agitator High Output

The Rossmore Pump Agitator is designed to work on the 3-point linkage of machines from 80 + HP. The agitator features a ‘quick attach’ system that allows the implement to be easily attached or detached.

The body is hot dipped in superior galvanise for a high quality, long lasting finish. Strong & robust in design, the agitators main shaft is made using 50mm heavy wall tubing.

A heavy duty knuckle joint connects the gear box and main shaft. The machine contains two manual levers, one controlling the angle of the jetter head, improving the mixing performance and the second used to choose between a mixing or filling operation.

The agitator includes a heavy duty power drive (c/w shear bolt) that does not need to disconnected when lowering the pump into the tank.

Pump Agitator High Output

Pump Agitator (High Output) Features 
• Quick attach system
• Mix or fill selection
• Adjustable jetter head
• Superior quality galvanising
• One bearing unit for low maintenance
• HD PTO shaft c/w shear bolt

• Transfer kit