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APV RS 600 M1

RS 600 M1

The alternative to rollers and hoeing tools!

The Rotary Hoe is perfectly suited to breaking up earth crusts, thus simplifying manual finishing. Due to its crumbling technique, it is ideal for combating weeds in mulched seed stocks. With its spring-loaded support arm, it is able to closely hug the ground. In combination with a Pneumatic seeder (PS), the Rotary Hoe covers the seeds with fine soil and harrows them in thoroughly.


  • Breaking up incrustation
  • Soil cultivation
  • Reducing incidental weeds
  • Soil stimulation
  • Clog-free weed control

Items Included

  • 68 pcs. cast rings (510 mm) with each 16 points
  • 34 pcs. support arms
  • 2 pcs. support wheels (double tyred), dimension: 16.0/6,5-8“

Technical Data

  •  Working width
    6 m
  •  Transport dimensions (folded)
    H 3,0 m x W 2,85 m x D 2,05 m
  •  Net weight
    2.000 kg
  •  Attachment category
    CAT 2
  •  Tractor performance
    from 110 kW / 150 HP
  •  Ring spacing
    9 cm

1 single acting control device for folding necessary


  • High working speeds up to 25 km/h possible
  • Low tractive power requirements
  • Alternative to rollers, hoes
  • Ring spacing can be variably adjusted by pair
  • Working elements can be removed
  • High durability of the stars
  • Maintenance-free
  • Simultaneous tilling and sowing
  • Each individual arm may be lifted (no processing) (conversion kit quick-lift)