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Bagpress & Crimper
Bagpress & Crimper
Bagpress & Crimper

Samco Bagpress & Crimper

At present in Ireland there are two challenges facing farmers in terms of storage. The first being that the level of secondary fermentation while buffer feeding can be expensive in many farm situations, this is leading to large losses in quality and in severe cases overall loss at the pit face. The other challenge facing farmers is that they do not have the required storage facility for a high value product when it is in small amounts.
The Samco BagPress provides Farmers with a low cost solution to on farm storage of high quality fermented feed. The air tight environment inside the bag creates the perfect conditions for the fermentation process to occur giving farmers the best quality feed possible. The small surface face of the bag reduces the risk of secondary fermentation as it is less exposed to oxygen than a traditional type pit or clamp system. The Samco Bag Press is ideal for buffer feeding during the grazing season storing forage maize, brewer’s grain, chopped sugar beet and potatoes, all of which can be easily mixed and then stored tightly in the bag.

The Samco BagPress is also available with a Crimper, the bulk hopper can easily be removed from the body and the Crimper can be fitted onto the Samco chassis, which has the capacity to crimp and bag up to 40 tonne per hour of moist grain, beans and other such products. Grain going through the Samco BagPress can be applied with most types of additives; the machine is capable of working grain at high and low, moistures ranging from 35% down to moistures of 15%.

  • Samco BagPress
  • Patented Paddle Brake System
  • Heavy Duty Chain
  • Hydraulically driven top agitator
  • Heavy Duty PTO
  • Samco bags are marked with two guidelines
  • 1.5M (4ft.9), 2M (6.ft6) and 2.4M (8ft) diameter bags are available
  • Can bag Forage Maize, Brewer’s Grain, chopped Sugar Beet and Potatoes, Sawdust and other such products
  • Samco BagPress with Crimper
  • The Samco Bag press with crimper is a solution to cheap on farm storage for high value moist feed
  • The Samco Bag press has been built around a crimper to allow crimping and bagging all in one process
  • Depending on machine model output per hour is between 20 and 40 tonne
  • Wheat, Barley, Maize grain, Beans and Oats can be crimped and bagged
  • The lead roller turns 10 % faster to ensure good quality crimping
  • 1.5M and 2M diameter bags are available