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Shelbourne Reynolds 500 Series 55hp

The 500 series consists of a 5.0m and 5.6m fixed boom hedge trimmer. The overall design is simple and sturdy and is aimed at the middle cost section of the market. However due to the strength of the design, options can be fitted to make the machine desirable to both farmer, contractor and authority alike.

The 550 is surprisingly versatile for its size. The 5.0m reach is calculated from the centre line of the tractor to the outer cutting width of the head.

Standard features include power slew and parallel linkage. The standard 550 and 556 are configured as single pump machines where the tractor hydraulics are used to power the booms and the trimmer system used to power the rotor. This system can be easily upgraded to a twin pump system to make the machine fully independent.

Shelbourne Reynolds 500 Series

A direct drive 1.2m flail head is fitted as standard with the option of a 1.2m belt drive head. As on the larger HD range the hydraulically operated roller is also available as an option.

The 500 range includes cable controls with an armrest mounted control console as standard, with optional electronic joystick controls available.

The 3 point linkage stabiliser frame provides stability on linkage mounted machines and means that the Powerblade can be fitted to the tractor in minutes. For ultimate stability or on smaller tractors, then axle bracket mounting is recommended.

The 500 range incorporates a top mounted slew ram for ultimate king post stability. All hydraulic valves are mounted on top of the tank for easy access under a hinged cover.

Shelbourne Reynolds Trimmer 500 Series
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