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Shelbourne Reynolds 600 Series 70hp

The 600 has evolved using a combination of features and designs from both the 500 series and HD700 series.

The objective of the 600 series is to provide a powerful machine with reasonably high specification in a lighter frame that is suitable for medium sized tractors. This range is suitable for both farmers and contractors.

The first 600 series machine is the 656, this features a modified frame and 5.6m arm taken from the 556 machine. The 70HP hydraulic system is then taken from the HD700 series giving the 656 a contractor compatible work rate along with the HD700 series belt drive 1.2m and 1.5m heads.

A completely new control system has been developed for the 600 series, once again the starting point was the HD700 series control system. The new system is a digital proportional electronic joystic control giving proportional control over lift and reach functions and switched control on head angle and slew functions.


Shelbourne Reynolds 600 Series

600 Standard Features

  • Electronic Proportional Joystick Control
  • Head Float
  • 1.2m Head
  • 3pt Mounting


  • 1.5m Head
  • Hydraulic Head Roller
  • Axle Mounting
  • Road Lights
  • Digital Proportional Joystick Control
  • Narrow Lane Bracket
  • Oil Cooler
  • High Power Debris Blower
  • High Visibility Highways Kit
  • Arm and Head Float
Shelbourne Reynolds 600 Series
Shelbourne Reynolds Trimmer 600 Series 1
Shelbourne Reynolds 600 Series Trimmer 2
Shelbourne Reynolds Trimmer 600 Series 3
Shelbourne Reynolds 600 Series Trimmer 4