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Quicke Special Clearing Bucket

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Special Clearing Bucket

An implement which really does increase the utility value of the tractor and makes the most of its capacity – The 230SC PRO Special Clearing Bucket ticks these boxes. For example with this implement you can clear your snow-covered areas much more effectively, not least because your tractor can now be used for everyday professional snow clearance jobs. Other tasks such as clearing poultry manure can also be achieved.
High performance is key, with fully extendable flaps folding to 90 degrees actually turning the bucket into a full 365 cm-wide snow blade, with an effective ice-cutting edge also available as an option. When you angle the flaps forwards, you can “carve” the snow into the bucket when you’re next to walls or similar, in the most effective manner possible. In other words, this is both a high-volume and precision tool. The new snow clearing bucket does not compromise on any level. The hydraulics are adapted for Ålö’s unique LCS control system with its 3rd and 4th functions. Cut outs in the back for improved visibility and accumulators for shock impact are included as standard. The cutting edges are spring loaded, which means that the bucket can be tilted forwards without having to take pressure off the flaps.  There are alternative cutting edges including plastic and replacable steel straight cutting edges depending on the requirement.
A new Bolt On Hook version gives flexibility to alternative hook systems so that now we can offer the Special Clearing Bucket to other machines that makes the most of their capacity.


Special Clearing Bucket 230SC Pro
Width max (cm)365
Depth max (cm)175
Height (cm)102
Weight (kg)605
Capacity (m³)1.41