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Square Bale Fork Safety

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Square Bale Fork – Safety

The lower box section of the Square Bale Fork is hinged and this is an important safety detail. Firstly you can lock the tines in the upright position, increasing safety when driving, particularly on public roads. Secondly, the handling of bales is more effective and safer. When unloading, the bales are pushed into place using the main frame. If unloading takes place at full height, the top bale is pushed into place using the upper section of the implement and without pressing the long tines into the bale. Therefore there is no risk of the bale falling back out when you reverse.
The Square Bale Fork can be supplied with two different bottom frames.
The 190 cm wide frame is suitable for long large bales. The 140 cm frame is supplied with two tines as standard, but this may be increased to a total of five tines if required. But also at two lengths 125cm and 82cm
The Square Bale Fork can be supplied with rear extension (for handling several bales simultaneously) or with a Bag hook (for lifting large sacks) as optional equipment. (Maximum load on the bag hook is 750 – 1250 kg depending on height).


Square bale fork – Safety 140
Width (cm) 140
Number of tines 2
Tine length (cm) 125
Weight (kg)  133

Square bale fork – Safety 190
Width (cm) 190
Number of tines 5
Tine length (cm) 125
Weight (kg)  168