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TR-3 & TR-4 Single Bale Handlers

  • TR-3 is designed for tractor loaders. TR-4 is designed for commercial loaders.
  • Centrally located over-­arm allowing optimum visibility from the tractor cab.
  • Over 25% more efficient for both loading /unloading than conventional bale handlers.Complete control and accuracy.

Easy Loading/Unloading

The slim design of the over-arm allows the TR bale handler to easily slide in-between bales. This same design feature allows TR to move stacked settled bales for resale, without compromising the plastic wrap.

Patented Over-Arm Design

The unique design of TR bale handlers over-arms allows gripping of a bale at ANY angle and delivers increased manoeuvrability when operating in confined spaces.

Grab From ANY Angle

The unique patented over-arm design, fitted with rotating rollers and check valves, allows the TR to grip a bale safely and securely at ANY angle, without damage to the plastic wrap.

Check Valve

A check valve is fitted as standard on all TR bale handlers by JM Agri-Design. This ensures a consistent grip is maintained on the bale at all times, ensuring safe transportation and minimum damage.

Rotating Rollers

The over-arm supports two large rotating rollers to ensure bales are handled without risk of damaging the plastic wrap. These rollers, along with all other pivot points, have composite bushings and grease points fitted as standard.

TR-3 & TR-4 Technical Specifications

Length (Closed): 1.3 m
Length (Opened): 1.8 m
Width: 1.23 m
Height (Closed): 1.6 m
Height (Opened): 2.1 m
Weight: 220 kg (TR-3), 250 kg (TR-4)
Max Bale Length: 1.3 m
Max Bale Height: 2 m
Max lifting Weight: 1200 kg
Hydraulic Connection: Double Acting
Oil Pressure (Min): 170 bar