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Kongskilde VM-1

VM-1 B/X Complete Diet Mixer

VM-1 B/X is a range of single auger diet mixers for the farmer who needs an efficient mixer, with a front-mounted cross conveyor. The cross conveyor solutions are especially suitable for feed mixtures with a high straw content, although the feeder shreds all types of bales, round and square.


The modular concept gives great flexibility
The Kongskilde Diet Mixer is constructed by means of a modular system which enables you to choose exactly the solution that suits your needs.
If you need changes after you have purchased a Kongskilde Diet Mixer, due to a new barn, more livestock etc. the mixer can subsequently be modified.

Great advantages
Flexibility is decisive because the structural development within beef and dairy farming is accelerating. Flexibility is ensuring the future of the JF Feeder.
Due to the great flexibility a Kongskilde Diet Mixer is easy to sell. There are many potential buyers because they can modify the Kongskilde Diet Mixer to suit their needs.

VM-1 Great Flexibility


The Kongskilde Mixer VM is the only complete diet mixer on the market made of high-strength steel.
The steel which is used for complete diet mixers is divided into 3 groups:
1) Standard steel (st.37/S240)
2) Quality steel (st.52/S355)
3) High strength steel (S650) Wearability strength
Kongskilde is the first producer of complete diet mixers who has taken the step and introduced high strength steel S500/650 in the production of diet mixers.
The use of high strength steel is especially important in connection with the auger windings and the first 50 cm of the tub walls, which are the parts that are exposed to the hardest wear. VM auger
Built to work harder and last longer
Test of high strength steel
To document the strength of high strength steel a comprehensive test program has been carried out.
At the right is the result of two test items, steel quality S355 (ST 52) and S650, respectively, which were exposed to the exact same test course. Quality test
Test result
A weight loss which is 3 times higher gives a factor 1:3. This means that 6 mm S650 = 17 mm S355. In order to obtain the same wear resistance as the Kongskilde complete diet mixer has with 6 mm steel quality S650, it is necessary to use a 17 mm plate for the tub walls when using steel quality S355 (ST 52)!

Steel Quality
The advantage of high strength steel S500/650
Significantly less wear on tub and auger!
Less own weight allows for increased net weight!
Less power requirement for pulling of Feeder! (important when the silage is transported from the clamp silo).
Less wear on tyres and surface.

Kongskilde uses a steel quality which is nearly three times more hard-wearing than steel S335 (st. 52) at the same thickness.
The tub walls on Kongskilde complete diet mixer of up to 20 m3 are made of 6 mm high strength steel. On bigger machines, the first 65 cm of the tub walls are made of 8 mm high strength steel.

VM-1 Most Hard Wearing
VM-1 Most Hard Wearing
VM-1 Most Hard Wearing

This is why the mixing auger is unique!

Quick mixing and feeding
Because of the high auger speed.

Gentle mixing
Because of the many auger windings.

Effective shredding
Because the auger can be fitted with many knives.

Good hygiene
Because the high auger speed allows complete emptying of the augers.
Because there are no edges, bolts or corners where the feed can accumulate.

Low power consumption
Because of the conical construction of the tub.
Because the auger construction ensures that only one auger winding is drawn through the feed above the bottom plate.
Quick and regular feeding
Because of the high auger speed.

High wear resistance = long life
Because all auger windings are made of high strength steel S500.

Strong auger bearing consisting of 2 large conical roller bearings.
The lower roller bearing in oil bath, the upper greased for life.
Thereby the upper bearing is always well greased – even at low oil level.

Short knives are standard. For shredding of large amounts of straw long tungsten-coated knives are available.

The Impulse Mixing ability prevents the mixture from building bridges in the tub. The concept with the stepped augers generates a vertical impulse movement in the mixture.


All VM Feeders are equipped with the wireless weighing system Feed Manager.
With Feed Manager the weighing display is not fixed on the Feeder but can be placed where it is most comfortable for the operator. The main terminal with the weighing display is typically placed in the loader so that the operator always has access to all weight information during loading.

Using this system, the feeder can be loaded from all sides and even over the rear, because the weight information is in the loader tractor/handler.

When moving away from the feeder, to get concentrate or any other ingredient, the information concerning what is in the feeder is always at hand. This means that the operator can collect exactly what he needs to complete the loading. This saves time.

Operator Comfort
It is not necessary to leave the tractor to turn the weighing display.
All functions can be operated directly on the terminals.
Minimum loss of feed
Due to the Feed Manager, the amount of travelling between feed storage area and feeder can be reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of spilling feed on route.

Feed Manager helps with the feeding out too
Feed Manager assists with unloading as well. Feed Manager can be programmed to alert the operator both visually and by sound as the feed is distributed to the animals. This can be done at different weight intervals, chosen by the operator.
Feed mixture divided into intervals: Divided into intervals of for example 500 kg.
Divided into percentage: Divided into for example 25%-intervals whereby the mixture is divided into 4 equal portions.
Divided into groups: Divided into up to 5 portions of various sizes.
Discharge of each portion can be viewed on the display and separated with an acoustic signal.

Feed Manager consists of several wireless terminals
Feed Manager consists of a main terminal and a hand terminal which receives weight information from the Feeder via a wireless signal. The terminals communicate with each other.

Main terminal
Hand terminal
The hand terminal is typically placed in the tractor driving the Feeder. If it is equipped with a battery it can be brought along anywhere. More hand terminals can be bought and connected to the same Feeder.

With the main terminal placed in the loading machine the weight, time and date can be read in the display at any time. Unload plans can be programmed, used and/or sent to the hand terminal.

Feed Manager (Basic) is prepared for upgrading to Basic+ or ProFeed+.

The JF Feeder has wireless display as standard.
With the display placed in the loading tractor great
flexibility is achieved during loading. This is time-saving, gives an maximum comfort and minimises the feed loss.

Wireless communication between the main terminal and the hand terminal.