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Manage and control your fertilisation sites

  • Performances to delight even the most demanding
    • Exceptionally regular spreading
    • over very large widths up to 50 m
    • Extraordinary site application rate
    • Very high capacity up to 4200 l
  • Simplified logistics
  • Simple stress-free adjustment
  • Continuous pipeline of granules in 2 flows as the vane takes the material
  • Pattern maintained during centrifugal acceleration whatever the rate per hectare.

No gears, no discs, even no vanes to handle, especially in late spreading. Working width setting is carried out away from moving parts, in complete safety!

1. Oscillating rate regulator:

Better than an agitator, it is self-clutching in headlands and at the ends of fields!

2. Record application rate

Up to 520 kg/min

Resulting from our collaboration with farmers at the cutting edge of precision agriculture, independent left and right dose modulation by GPS makes greater control over fertiliser inputs possible in transition zones, where the recommended application rate changes.

SULKY is offering a new hydraulic drive solution for the spreading discs, a drive that is independent of the engine speed.

The hydraulic drive makes it possible to keep the spreading disc rotation speed constant, and to work with a low tractor engine speed (1,500 rpm) in all situations, separate from the PTO speed. It is available on the entire X40+ and X50+ range.

  • Simplified coupling
  • Even spreading in all conditions
  • Controlled costs

Second new piece of equipment available, 2 R/L low level sensors make it possible to know exactly when one side of the hopper is almost empty. The driver therefore has sufficient warning to refill his hopper and not risk working empty. The low level sensors are the ideal accessories for optimising fertiliser spreading in cases of R/L adjustment by GPS or on machines fitted with the ECONOV section cut-off. This equipment is available on the ISOBUS versions of the X40+ and X50+ fertiliser spreaders.